information management system which is part of the NMS.
This has
proven to be more difficult to achieve than originally expected.
Using the results of various independent reviews, USAID is now
examining various alternatives to best achieve the vision of a
single integrated financial and information management system.
Overall the Agency has aligned its primary financial management
improvement goal    making financial and program results
information more accurate and readily available for decision 
makers    with those of government wide initiatives. Many
improvements, but not all, will be made operational through
innovations and investments in financial management systems.
Ultimately the completion of audited financial statements with a
 clean opinion  will signal the success of USAID's many
Successful implementation of a financial management
system within NMS is a prerequisite for full achievement of this
performance goal target.
USAID will continue to pursue in FY
1999 integrated financial systems that will meet all customers'
reporting, analysis and advice requirements on an interactive,
timely and reliable basis. Efforts to enhance the Agency s use of
modern technology (e.g., the NMS) and business practices will
more fully integrate program planning, evaluation, budgeting,
procurement and accounting.
This will greatly improve cross 
Agency coordination during program implementation.
Administrative Management:
USAID's Administrative Services include facilities management for
Washington employees; records management; and maintenance of
administrative systems in field missions, management of the
overseas real property funds and administration of the
International Cooperative Administrative Support Services System
Beginning in FY 1998, all headquarters staff were
relocated to one place, the Ronald Reagan Building.
This marks
the first time in its history that USAID Washington employees are
The built in efficiencies of this co location will
facilitate all reinvention and performance improvement
initiatives planned for USAID/W.
In tandem with co location improvements, USAID will have
established a customer service operation which will provide
seamless building, delivery, and miscellaneous administrative
services to USAID employees.
Taking advantage of the 50 percent
reduction in records and files organization required for the move
to the RRB, USAID will conduct training in systems that will
implement the updated files plans.
Substantial gains to
efficiency will be realized from reduced commute time between
USAID annexes and the easy ability to move documents.
USAID will
also complete its Presidentially mandated Year 2000 review of
classified documents over 25 years old, declassifying where
possible. Real Property funds will have been allocated to

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