highly centralized environment dependent upon mainframe computers
to a more decentralized environment where more computing power
resides within individual organizations and at the desktop.
USAID pursues these initiatives, a long standing requirement to
improve telecommunications support and better serve the
information needs of smaller missions will be pursued.
Implementation of the New Management System (NMS):
USAID anticipates continuing investment in the New Management
System during 1999 after a series of independent reviews
establish the lowest risk, most cost effective course of action
to improve performance, achieve Year 2000 compliance, provide
functionality, and improve internal controls and security in
existing applications.
Resources will be applied to activities
which accelerate transition from USAID's legacy systems to Year
2000 compliant information systems that embody re engineered
business processes. These systems eventually will allow clear
links to be formed between results and resources.
The agency
will implement a continuous software engineering improvement
process to insure that new systems are implemented on schedule,
within budget and to higher standards of software development.
Procurement Assistance and Acquisition:
The focal point for change in the procurement process will be
improvements in procurement planning.
These improvements will
emphasize extensive participation by procurement professionals in
the Agency's strategic objective teams to ensure that procurement
actions are concisely defined, statements of work or program
descriptions well conceived, funding available and appropriate
scheduling and priority assigned to the procurement action.
There will be continued emphasis on the certification of
professional procurement personnel.
Assistance will also be
offered in the specific training required for activity managers
and with training in procurement issues for non procurement
Customer standards for responsiveness have already
been established.
Actual performance will be analyzed and
compared to these standards.
Where standards are not met,
determinations as to reasons why they were not met will be made
and actions taken to improve performance.
Financial Information and Management Systems:
USAID financial management initiatives follow the recommendations
of the NPR and the vision statement prepared by the CFO council.
USAID's Office of Financial Management has created a vision and
strategic plan to move USAID to a more responsive, effective,
collaborative, and customer oriented financial management system.
To make this vision a reality, USAID embarked on an ambitious
undertaking to replace thirteen disparate financial management
systems and applications with a single integrated financial and

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