a major international conference to review the findings of our
analysis of war torn societies in October 1997.
New evaluations have just gotten underway that include community
level reconciliation in war torn societies, emergency assistance,
girl's education programs and capital market development. These
evaluations were selected because they represented:
1) a
priority issue for USAID; 2) a state of the art sector where
USAID involvement is relatively recent; and 3) an issue raised by
results management under USAID's strategic plan.
The Girl's
Education Evaluation is an example of an issue raised by AID's
managing for results orientation.
There was disagreement among
technical experts as to the strategy and interventions that best
attendance and quality of education for girls.
recently completed evaluation looked at USAID's experience with
Enterprise Funds, both in the former Soviet Union and Eastern
European countries as well as in South Africa.
Applied Research and Development
USAID funds applied research, technology development, and
technology transfer programs to provide the most up to date
methods and tools to address specific country problems.
It also
funds programs to build a capacity among its development partners
and customers to undertake their own research and technology
development programs and to disseminate the results of these
programs throughout the international assistance community.
USAID also uses these results to enhance the effectiveness of its
own programs and to maintain its role as a leader among
international donor organizations.
In 1996, USAID received approximately $215 million for applied
research and technology development in its strategic goal areas
including approximately $67 million for economic growth and
agricultural development; $90 million for population and health;
$31 million for human capacity development; $24 million for
environment and $3 million for democracy and good governance.
addition, the Agency requested approximately $3 million for
research related to women in development.
Some of the results
achieved through the Agency's investments in applied research and
development include:
Food security is a key part of USAID's integrated,
sustainable development program and agricultural research is
one of the most effective and sustainable investments.
agricultural research partnerships and technology transfers
USAID has developed produce additional food in developing
countries which is valued in the billions of dollars per

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