The Agency evaluation agenda is a two year planning document that
identifies the Agency's proposed analytic agenda.
The agenda is
designed to assist senior Agency Washington and field managers
and technical staff to make programming choices and assure that
USAID resources are used most effectively and efficiently to
achieve results.
Current topics are developed in collaboration
Agency Management Goal:
USAID remains a premier bilateral development agency.
(a) Access to financial information.
(b) Access to program results information.
(a) Agency Chief Financial Officer (CFO) reports.
(b) Annual results reviews and the "operations module" of the New
Management System
Performance Goal 5:
Capacity to report results and allocate resources on the
basis of performance improved.
Quality of consolidated financial statements
required under the CFO Act.
Operating units using an integrated portfolio of
information systems for budget, program results
and procurement increased.
(a) A "qualified" finding represents the "second tier" assessment in
the opinion of the auditors on the condition of our financial statements.
with both geographic and central bureaus, meeting with key
individuals and operating units throughout the Agency to elicit
priority issues that relate to programming decisions or
These suggestions are reviewed by Agency senior
managers and a final agenda is developed.
For Fiscal Years 1998 1999, the Agency's evaluation agenda will
continue to look at several broad areas of focus.
A primary
focus will be a series of studies on countries in transition and
USAID's role in rebuilding and reconciling these countries
politically, economically and socially.
Other areas of ongoing
evaluations include democratic institutions, food aid, democratic
and local governance, and private sector reactivation).
series on elections in war torn societies has been discussed with
senior officials throughout USAID, relevant U.S. NGOs, the U.N.,
and officials from the State Department and other U.S. government
The studies have generated a debate and dialogue among
relevant donor institutions involved in these events as to the
preconditions and factors necessary for open, fair, and durable
elections in post conflict countries.
Also, the Agency has held

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