reach agreements on policies and program approaches and better
working arrangements and relationships established or supported.
While at the end of FY 1997, coordination among the strategic
plans of agencies concerned with sustainable development issues
was low medium, USAID expects this level to be medium high by the
end of FY 1999 based on a comparison of the objective statements
across agencies.
The OECD agenda of agreed development priorities expanded.
Building on established and new bilateral and multilateral
relationships with donor development partners, USAID in 1999 will
seek consensus on mutual approaches that reinforce and strengthen
the common donor effort.
USAID and the 21 donor countries of the
DAC agreed in 1996 to a new strategic blueprint for development
cooperation partnerships in the post Cold War era, Shaping the
21st Century.
USAID will actively promote host country ownership
of development strategies and will continue to work with donors
and host countries to implement this partnership strategy which
pledges donors to help achieve by 2015 the following major
reduce poverty, universal primary education, gender
equality in primary and secondary education, reduced child and
maternal mortality, access for all to reproductive health
services, and reversing the loss of environmental resources.
Progress towards these goals requires the evolution of more
stable, safe, participatory and just societies.
USAID will
encourage other donors to actively promote and support democracy,
rule of law, and human rights.
USAID Management Goal:
USAID remains a premier bilateral development agency.
(a) Resource flows by major development goals;
(b) OECD/Development Assistance Committee (DAC) agreement on
strategies to reduce poverty.
(a) DAC statistics on aid flows.
(b) Donor reports to DAC on implementing the "Shaping the 21st
Century" partnership strategy.
Performance Goal 4:
OECD agenda of agreed
development priorities expanded.
Aid flows by policy objectives defined in the DAC "Shaping the
21st Century" will measure the degree to which donors are concentrating
resources on agreed objectives and serve as a proxy measure of donor consensus
on development priorities.

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