USAID remains a premier bilateral development
USAID is requesting $484 million in FY 1999 for Operating
Expenses which, combined with local currency trust funds and
other resources, will provide $542 million to cover the cost of
Agency operations.
These resources will ensure the efficient
management of $6,791 million in program funds and improve
management systems within the agency.
Major expenses include
$303 million for salaries and benefits of Agency personnel,
including 2,232 U.S. direct hire and 3,317 foreign national and
U.S. personal service contract employees, $72 million for rents,
utilities, and communications costs, $10 million for training
activities to improve the skills of agency employees and an
estimated $14 million to further improve the operational
effectiveness of Agency's New Management System (NMS).
generally, USAID will use FY 1999 Operating Expenses to: (1)
develop responsive assistance mechanisms; (2) improve program
effectiveness; (3) strengthen the U.S. commitment to sustainable
development; and (4) expand the technical and managerial
capacities of the Agency and its personnel.
Percent of critical positions vacant.
Percent of USAID managed development assistance overseen by
U.S. and local private voluntary organizations.
Statements at the objective level across the strategic plans
of U.S.G. executive agencies concerned with sustainable
development are consistent.
Number of jointly defined OECD development priorities.
Financial and program results information readily available.
Time to procure development services reduced.
Time to deploy effective development and disaster relief
resources overseas reduced.
The Agency's progress against this performance goal will be
assessed against two proxy indicators, i.e., the percent of
critical positions vacant, and the time, measured in months, to
procure development services.

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