USAID Performance Goal:
Freedom of movement, expression and
assembly and economic freedoms in post conflict situations
Sub Saharan Africa:
According to a survey of Freedom House
indices for political rights and civil liberties, the trend for
political rights (4.8) and civil liberties (4.9) has improved
slightly in 1996 over years past in SSA.
As a subset, conflict
and post conflict countries have lower 1996 scores, 5.5 and 5.2
However, in Rwanda, public confidence in the
judicial system is being restored with USAID interventions as
part of efforts to improve citizen security.
In Angola, USAID's
land mine awareness program has reached an estimated one million
people and trained 750 people in mine removal techniques.
has significantly reduced the number of land mine accidents, re 
opened large areas of the country to commerce and agriculture,
and encouraged the return of refugees and displaced persons.
record in Somalia did not improve significantly in FY 1997, and
the situation in Liberia remains troubled.
Asia and Near East:
The record of post conflict situations and
the potential for new crisis in Asia is rather mixed in terms of
political rights and civil liberties.
The recent forceful
government takeover in Cambodia and a poor Freedom House rating
there underlie a dangerous trend in some of the region's key
USAID sustainable development program countries:
Administered Territory Not Free 6,5; Indonesia Not Free 7,5);
Morocco (Partly Free 5,5).
The administered territories with
long simmering disputes such as East Timor and West Papua (Not
Free 7,7); Western Sahara (Not Free 7,6) and Kashmir (Not Free
7,7) are flash points constantly threatening political stability.
These situations and USAID's programmatic response to them will
be monitored during FY 1999.
Agency programs use what is termed the "DG/EG Interface and
Transfer of Power Nexus."
This approach integrates economic
growth strategies and program interventions, including
transparency for rules of good governance and public private
sector accountability, with approaches to support more
democratic pluaralistic development.
These programs are being
used to support peace processes such as in West Bank and Gaza.
This approach also attempts to temper growth with equity and
respect for human rights, governance and rule of law in more
traditional regional programs.
In FY 1999, USAID
will consider
the possibility of a regional approach to address specific
problems of accountability and transparency in State economic
transactions affecting both democratic governance and growth in
these sustainable development countries.
As part of this
approach, the Agency will use the Heritage Foundation's "Economic
Index of Economic Freedom" as a means to measure performance in
this area and expand this effort to other regions.

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