Nutritional status of children 5 and under populations made
vulnerable by emergencies maintained or improved.
As indicated above, this is a new performance goal for the Agency
against which results will be reported, using a pilot approach
within the Agency and working with other donors to attempt to
standardize information gathering and reporting.
Conditions For Social and Economic Development In Conflict,
Post Conflict and Rapid Transitions Situations Improved.
Sub Saharan Africa:
Conditions for social and economic
development were mixed for African countries in conflict and post
conflict situations.
The number of people displaced by open
conflict was approximately 11.4 million, in 1996 divided among
3.5 million refugees and 7.9 million internally displaced persons
in 1996.
There are a number of innovative USAID programs in
Southern, Great Lakes and Horn of Africa regions to return and
resettle refugees and IDPs.
These will serve as benchmarks to
indicate trends at the regional level for FY 1999 and beyond.
Asia and Near East:
USAID programs are an important resource in
the region to support economic and political transitions and
peace processes vital to stability and growth.
With over 5
million refugees and a range of 10   12 million IDPs, the
had over one third of the total number of people displaced by
open conflict in 1996.
A large number of those refugees are a
result of the West Bank and Gaza conflict. USAID is working in
the negotiations in the water sector, including well site
placements, as part of conflict prevention and improving economic
and social conditions by providing assistance in infrastructure,
private sector development and employment creation.
affecting program performance include closure of industrial
zones, linking employment creation to a prudent, but more
strategic and prioritized public investment program, and
commitment to democratic principles by the Palestinian Authority.
These will be closely monitored in FY 1999.
Sri Lanka and Burma
have significant internally displaced populations, one million
each respectively and Vietnam has 300,000.
USAID plans to have a
program start in Vietnam in FY 1999 and, if undertaken, will
benefit from lessons learned by the Agency in dealing with
earlier post conflict transition situations.
The Office of
Transition Initiatives completed an initial assessment and
analysis of the potential for conflict in Mindanao, which may
lead to a re orientation of the USAID assistance for crisis
prevention activities.
Latin America and Caribbean:
The LAC region has approximately
1.3 million persons that are affected by open conflict covering

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