Many of these strategic objectives rely on a combination of
development assistance (DA), International Disaster Assistance
(IDA), and food aid resources as part the Agency's effort to
develop integrated strategies for crisis and conflict prevention,
relief and economic and social post conflict reconstruction.
Under IDA and Food for Peace funding, the Agency expects to
provide approximately U.S. $1.3 billion in FY 1999 of which $ 1.1
billion from P.L. 480 and IDA and $ 220 million DA for programs
which save lives, reduce suffering and re establish development
conditions in emergency and/or post conflict situations in
FY 1999.
This is a narrow transition categorization and includes
the following country programs that are DA, or contain elements
of DA funded programs: East Africa and Great Lakes, Liberia,
Angola, Mozambique, Jordan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Haiti, and
Bosnia Herzegovina.
If ESF were added to the total and Cambodia,
West Bank Gaza and Lebanon were included, this would add
approximately $ 360 million. The Agency will refine this list as
it develops criteria and definition of these categories during
FY 1999.
In this context, the Agency is proposing a Presidential
Transition Initiative to be undertaken with a modest funding
increase in FY 1999.
Its objective is to help consolidate peace
and facilitate the transition of countries from civil strife to
stability and growth.
Using new programming modes, this approach
will support targeted political transitions in combination with
other Agency resources.
It will enhance the Agency's capacity to
operate effectively in conflict prone situations in which timely,
catalytic and political interventions are important.
Crude mortality in emergency situations.
Proportion of children under 59 months in emergency
situations who are wasted.
Number of people displaced by open conflict.
Changes in the number and classification of designated post 
conflict countries classified by Freedom House as
free/partly free/not free.
Crude mortality rate for refugee populations returned to
normal range within six months of onset of emergency

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