FY 1999 funds will allow for an increased percentage of
solid waste in Lima being disposed of properly in sanitary
landfills, from 38 percent to 53 percent of the waste will be
properly disposed.
In Jamaica, three water treatment plants will
be operated and maintained by the private sector in urban areas.
The Agency supports related work in Peru and Jamaica to reduce
pollution from industrial sources.
FY 1999 funds will promote
industries, adoption of pollution prevention technologies and
approaches    those that reduce contamination in cost effective
In Peru, we will increase by over 10 percent the number of
key industries using pollution prevention technologies, and in
Jamaica, 14 additional tourism enterprises in key areas (e.g.,
Montego Bay) will achieve international certification for having
adequate environmental operations.
Environmentally sound energy services:
Energy conserved
through increased efficiency and reliance on renewable
Energy is a critical factor of production as well as a major
source of pressure on the environment. Efficiency of energy use
and reliance on renewable sources are therefore critical for
achieving environmentally sustainable development.
Europe and the New Independent States
USAID supports energy
programs in Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russian
Federation, and the Ukraine, with smaller programs in Bosnia,
Czech Republic, Macedonia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
emphasizes energy sector market reform, with programs supporting
competitive markets, privatization, rational prizing, and
appropriate legal regulatory frameworks.
USAID has supported
power sector restructuring in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia,
Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan and Hungary.
Regulatory frameworks and
organizations are being established in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova,
Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.
FY 1999 plans include further development of independent
regulatory bodies; initiation of power restructuring in
Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania, and gas reform in Ukraine; and
initiation of energy sector privatization in Moldova, Ukraine,
Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyz Republic.

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