Our Brazil program will protect forests covering an area larger
than Israel.
It will produce 200 megawatts of energy from
renewable sources while saving an additional 300 megawatts by
increasing industrial efficiency.
The program will also
disseminate successful pilot activities in reduced impact
harvesting to private sector concessionaires logging 500,000
This latter program will leverage tens of millions of
dollars from the G 7 Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian
In Mexico, our programs will reduce deforestation rates by 33
percent to 50 percent on lands equivalent in size to the
Carolinas, and will prevent over 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide
emissions through our renewable energy and energy efficiency
programs, many of which will likely be replicated with Government
of Mexico and World Bank funds.
In Central America, the program will start supporting: (a) the
establishment of climate change offices in each Central American
nation; (b) the development of a region wide monitoring system to
increase the flow of public and private resources to effective
GCC mitigations; (c) the demonstration and dissemination of
models to sequester methane from landfills; (d) the establishment
of a regional carbon credit system for trading carbon emissions
on the open market in the U.S.; and, (f) the development,
replication, and "main streaming" of additional energy generation
capacity from renewable sources.
Sustainable Urbanization:
Urban population's access to
adequate environmental services improved.
In the past decade, rapid population growth in urban areas has
made the task of providing adequate urban environmental services,
particular safe drinking water more difficult. The Agency's goal
is to improve and increase services in the area of water and
Sub Sahara Africa:
USAID's strategy in the region has been to
focus its support on environmental and natural resource
management issues (rather than sustainable urbanization).
However, USAID is currently reassessing its strategy in Africa
through a study on water, sanitation and urban issues in the
USAID may be able to approach urbanization issues
through support of NEAPs, trade and investment initiatives, or
environmental education, for example.
Asia and the Near East:
The Agency has significant water
resources management programs in Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and the
West Bank/Gaza, where the degradation and depletion of water
resources pose the most critical challenges to environment,
social, and economic development.
USAID activities in the water

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