World population stabilized and human health
To achieve this goal, USAID focuses on interventions that
contribute directly and in an integrated fashion
to achieving
both stabilization of the world's population and protection of
human health.
To this end, USAID will support programs which:
(1) reduce unintended and mistimed pregnancies; (2) improve
infant and child health and nutrition and reduce mortality; (3)
reduce deaths, nutrition insecurity, and adverse health outcomes
to women of pregnancy and child birth; (4) reduce HIV
transmission and the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic; and (5)
reduce the threat of infectious diseases of major public health
USAID expects to contribute to the stabilization of
world population and protection of human health through 48
strategic objectives in 43 countries and through 5 global
strategic objectives.
Total fertility rate
Under 5 mortality rate
Prevalence of underweight children under five
Early Neonatal mortality rate (proxy for maternal mortality
HIV seroprevalence rate in 15 49 year olds
Fertility rate reduced by 20 percent by 2007.
USAID's in country programs to reduce fertility through increased
use, demand and access to high quality family planning and other
reproductive health programs have contributed to reductions in
fertility rates worldwide due in part to application of USAID 
supported research for new and improved contraceptive methods and
improved programmatic innovations.
While such research is a long
term investment, progress will be made over this performance
For example, in FY 1999, promising contraceptive leads,
e.g., Femcap and a new spermicide/microbicide preparation, will
move to the next stage of development.
Methodologies for
determining and evaluating the cost of family planning programs
will be explored further and be used for establishing more cost
effective programs.
While the 10 year benchmark for fertility
decline is 20% from current averages, we expect to see on average
a reduction of 5% in total fertility rates by 1999.

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