Latin America and the Caribbean:
Poor educational quality in many
of the poorer countries in the region leads to high rates of
repetition and attrition.
Reducing high repetition is essential
to increasing completion rates.
We expect a 6% increase in the
share of children reaching fifth grade by 1999.
Europe and the New Independent States:
Primary completion rates
are high in most countries in the region; recent data are missing
for several.
We expect persistence to the fifth grade to
increase about 6% by 1999, compared with the baseline period.
Number of inter institutional higher education partnerships
Higher education institutions can play a critical role in a
country's development.
USAID has found that partnerships between
in country institutions of higher education and U.S. higher
education institutions, community based organizations and/or
private sector organizations are effective in enhancing the
responsiveness of in country schools to local and national needs.
Partnerships between higher education institutions, Ministries of
Education and Labor, business, and NGOs have been fostered
through a series of USAID sponsored conferences on best practices
in workforce development held in Peru, Namibia, Egypt and India.
Sub Saharan Africa:
USAID funds the University Linkages
Development Program which partners U.S. and African institutions.
This program is designed to build institutional capacity and
provide faculty exchanges.
New regional networks of higher
education institutions will be launched over the next three
Latin America and the Caribbean:
USAID, through the Association
Liaison Office for University Cooperation in Development, is
promoting networks among institutions of higher education in the
United States, Mexico, and other countries in Latin America, to
promote economic and social development.
Asia and the Near East:
USAID invests in institutions of higher
education in Egypt and Lebanon so as to provide technical
cooperation that focuses on solving development problems.
Egypt, USAID is sponsoring applied research at Egyptian
universities through partnerships between faculty members in
Egypt and the U.S.
These partnerships in research will focus on
important development issues in Egypt.
In Lebanon, USAID is working closely with the Lebanese American
University in promoting business outreach and expanded economic
opportunity, and with the American University in Beirut to
identify and address environmental problems, and to assist public

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