Human capacity built through education and
To achieve this strategic goal, USAID will emphasize expanding
access to high quality basic education, especially for girls and
In addition, USAID will facilitate the responsiveness of
in country institutions of higher education through means such as
international institutional partnerships.
While not explicitly
identified in performance goals, the contribution of
comprehensive, high quality training and the powerful tools of
information and communication technologies    such as radio 
facilitated teaching and Internet based global discussions    are
important in the attainment of this and all other USAID goals.
These efforts, together with encouragement of equitable
enrollment policies, will serve to enhance the ability of in 
country institutions of higher education to respond to local and
national development needs.
In FY 1999, USAID will contribute to
human capacity development, particularly basic education for
children and higher education partnerships through 12 strategic
objectives in 12 countries and 10 global strategic objectives.
NOTE: Because this is one of the most recently articulated USAID
goals, performance goals and indicators within it continue to be
established and refined.
Net primary enrollment ratio
Difference between girls' and boys  gross primary enrollment
Percentage of cohort reaching grade five
Number of inter institutional partnerships formed.
Countries increase primary enrollment ratios fast enough to
attain full primary enrollment by 2015.
The goal reflects
USG commitment to the DAC target of full primary enrollment
by 2015.
Regional performance is assessed on the basis of
whether countries are increasing primary enrollment ratios
fast enough to meet this goal, if growth in enrollment
ratios continues at the current rate through 2015.
indicates that improvements are likely in each region,
that several countries in each will still fall short of the
DAC target.

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