Democracy and Good Governance Strengthened.
USAID's goal for building sustainable democracies supports the
transition to and consolidation of democratic regimes throughout
the world.
To achieve the broad goals of democracy, USAID
supports programs that strengthen democratic institutions and
practices, foster a vibrant civic society, and encourage
pluralism, inclusion, and peaceful conflict resolution.
Throughout our programming, special attention is given to
constraints to gender equity.
In FY 1999, USAID will contribute
to the strengthening of democracy and good governance through 114
strategic objectives in 71 countries and 5 global strategic
Percentage of countries classified as free/partly free/not
The two indicators identified in the Agency's Strategic Plan for
this strategic goal, Democracy and Governance Strengthened, have
been consolidated into the indicator noted above.
The Freedom
House Survey, the source for both of the original indicators,
places countries and territories into a tripartite division by
averaging scores they have received for political and civil
Recombining indicators split in the Agency's
strategic plan returns to the original structure of the measure
which serves as a more reliable and valid composite measure of
freedom and participation in a country.
Level of freedom and participation improved.
Sub Saharan Africa:
In some countries, such as Benin, Malawi,
Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania, gains in
political development have been consolidated and enhanced.
countries, such as Angola, Guinea, Liberia, and Zambia, have
experienced instability, but retain their representative
political systems thus far.
In the last two years, there have
also been setbacks
in Niger, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic
Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire).
One of the most noticeable and encouraging changes over the past
few years, and likely to be one of the more difficult to reverse,
is the increasing capacity and vibrancy of African civil society.
From community to national and even Pan African levels, civil
society organizations are growing rapidly in membership and
They are serving as bulwarks against further
political deterioration, even in difficult political environments

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