Broad based economic growth and agricultural
development encouraged.
In support of this goal,
USAID undertakes programs to expand and
strengthen critical private markets, encourage more rapid and
enhanced agricultural development and food security, and expand
and make more equitable access to economic opportunity for the
rural and urban poor.
USAID programs in other goal areas also
contribute to economic growth.
In FY 1999, USAID will contribute
to broad based economic growth and agricultural development
through 115 operational strategic objectives in 72 countries and
8 global strategic objectives.
GNP/GDP per capita average annual growth rate (in constant
Difference between average annual growth rate of agriculture
and average annual growth rate of population
Percent of population below poverty line
Merchandise trade average annual growth rate
Foreign direct investment
Economic Freedom Index (Heritage Foundation)
Aid as % of GNP
Average annual growth rates in real per capita income above
1 per cent achieved
Sub Saharan Africa (AFR)
Between 1992 96, eight of twenty two
African countries surpassed the 1% benchmark (using the most
recent GDP data from the IMF).
Growth accelerated clearly in
eight other countries that did not reach the overall benchmark.
For the 1995 99 period, we expect two thirds of the USAID
recipients in Africa to surpass the benchmark, assuming no
increase in the prevalence of crisis.
Asia and the Near East (ANE):
For the period 1992 1996, per
capita economic growth for USAID assisted countries in the Asia
and Near East region averaged 2.7%.
All countries were above the
1% benchmark with the exception of Egypt (0.2%); Mongolia
( 2.3%); and Morocco ( 0.3%). (Data for West Bank/Gaza are not
generally available).
In each of the three countries that fell

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