Agency Goal:
Broad based economic growth and agricultural development encouraged.
Average annual growth rates in real per capita income above 1% achieved.
Average annual growth in agriculture at least as high as population growth achieved in low income countries.
Proportion of the population in poverty reduced by 25%.
Openness and greater reliance on private markets increased.
Reliance on concessional foreign aid decreased in advanced countries.
Agency Goal:
Democracy and good governance strengthened.
Level of freedom and participation improved.
Agency Goal:
Human capacity built through education and training.
Countries increase primary enrollment ratios fast enough to attain full primary enrollment by 2015.
Gross primary enrollment rates for girls and boys differ by no more than 5%.
Primary school completion rates improved.
Responsiveness of in country institutions of higher education to local and national development needs enhanced.
Agency Goal:
World population stabilized and human health protected.
Fertility rate reduced by 20%.
Mortality rates for infants and children under the age of five reduced by 25%.
Maternal mortality ratio reduced by 10%.
Rate of increase of new HIV infections slowed.
Proportion of underweight children under five reduced.
Agency Goal:
The world's environment protected for long term sustainability.
Host government commitment to sound national and international environmental programs.
Conservation of biologically significant habitat improved.
Rate of growth of net emissions of greenhouse gases slowed.
Urban population's access to adequate environmental services increased.
Energy conserved through increased efficiency and reliance on renewal sources.
Deforestation rate in tropical forests reduced and management of natural forests and tree systems improved.
Loss of forest area slowed.
Agency Goal:
Lives saved, suffering reduced, and conditions for political and/or economic development re 
Crude mortality ratio for refugee populations returned to normal range within six months of onset of the emergency
Nutritional status of children five years old and under made vulnerable by emergencies maintained or improved.
Conditions for social and economic development improved in conflict, post conflict and rapid transition countries.
Political rights and civil liberties in post conflict situations increased.
Agency Goal:
USAID remains a premier bilateral development agency.
Time to deploy effective development and disaster relief resources overseas reduced.
Level of USAID managed development assistance channeled through strengthened U.S. based and local non 
governmental organizations increased.
Coordination among U.S. government agencies contributing to sustainable development increased.
OECD agenda of agreed development priorities expanded.
Capacity to report results and allocate resources on the basis of performance improved.

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