related to the needs of developing or transitional countries and
their commitment to sustainable development; (3) U.S. national
interests and foreign policy considerations; and (4)
Congressional and Administration priorities.
To the extent
possible, the Agency also applies its "performance informed"
budgeting system to the resources it manages in collaboration
with other agencies, including the Economic Support Fund (ESF),
the Support for East European Democracy Act(SEED), the FREEDOM
Support Act (FSA), and PL 480 Titles II and III food assistance
(requested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of its
The Agency prepared this performance plan by assuming the
Administration will continue to emphasize support for programs in
population, environment (especially global climate change), and
democracy while the Congress will continue strong support for
child survival, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases and basic
Should these assumptions not hold, or if
appropriations vary significantly from the requests, USAID would
expect to modify its FY 1999 performance benchmarks.
Accordingly, the Agency has requested program resources in the
following amounts to achieve its FY 1999 performance benchmarks.
The requests are presented by Agency goal area.
1. Broad based economic growth and agricultural development
Development Assistance
  Base Program:
$ 418 million
  New Initiatives:
45 million
Economic Support Fund:
1,985 million
356 million
FREEDOM Support Act:
699 million
PL 480 Title III
30 million
2. Democracy and good governance strengthened:
Development Assistance:
$138 million
Economic Support Fund:
193 million
84 million
FREEDOM Support Act:
74 million
Includes a $1,200 million cash transfer to Israel, as well
as portions of the ESF assistance to other countries involved in
the Middle East peace process, which is programmed to foster
economic growth (under the International Affairs Strategic Goal
of ensuring regional stability).

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