next, a plausible case can be made through in depth analysis and
weighing of evidence, that the results reported by operational
units indeed do (or do not) influence or contribute to
accomplishing the Agency's performance goals.
The annual performance goals will enable the Agency to track the
performance of the larger development trends USAID seeks to
influence directly through its programs and indirectly through
increased levels of collaboration with other donors, host
governments and partners.
For example, Agency investments in
coordinating its country programs and overall strategies with
those of other donors can multiply the effect of an operating
unit's program on broader development trends.
Hence, the
performance goals identified in this plan are not those of
individual USAID country, regional or global programs.
The Agency's individual operating units maintain their own more
detailed performance monitoring plans tailored to their specific
local conditions and management needs.
All operating unit plans
support the achievement of the Agency's performance goals.
is assured since all operating unit
plans are reviewed by the
Agency and each plan specifies how its contributes to specific
Agency goals.
The relative performance of these individual
programs continues to be assessed annually through the Agency's
Results Review and Resource Request (R4) process.
The Agency
Performance Plan does not substitute for the performance
monitoring plans maintained by the Agency's individual operating
Next year, the Agency's Annual Performance Report (for 1998) will
contain a section with in depth analysis of
performance at both
of these levels, drawing on performance information from various
sources including international databases, the R4s, and
evaluations. It will (a) analyze and report on performance trends
and results for Agency goals and objectives, and (b) analyze and
summarize performance and results across operating units.
Finally, it will examine the plausible linkages and contributions
that operating units' results may have upon achievement of the
broader Agency goals and objectives.
(See Figure 1).
After a discussion of how the Agency plans to estimate the
resources required to achieve the performance targets and Agency
goals, the Agency's performance goals and expectations for
FY 1999 are described in detail by Agency goal area in the
following pages.
Over the past several years, the Agency has relied increasingly
upon a system for allocating the resources made available to it
which is informed by:
(1) the performance of its programs,
measured in terms of meeting planned benchmarks; (2) factors

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