estimates the resources needed to reach the performance targets
for FY 1999.
The Agency's Annual Performance Report (APR) for FY 1999, to be
submitted in FY 2000, will report on whether the benchmarks in
this APP were reached.
In doing so, the APR will identify and
analyze key factors associated with the Agency's performance.
Finally, this is the first APP prepared by USAID.
refinements and improvements can be expected as our ability to
measure performance improves, and as we integrate this new
document into our management system.
The next section highlights
what is in the APP, how it was prepared, and how it might evolve.
The final section presents the annual performance benchmarks by
Agency goal area.
Measuring Results:
performance goals, benchmarks and
The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993
requires U.S. government agencies to establish performance goals
to define the level of performance to be achieved by their
program activities; express such goals in objective, measurable
form; and identify indicators which can be used to assess the
results of their program activities.
Performance Goals
The Agency has identified 31 long term performance goals.
1 arrays these performance goals against the seven Agency goals.
Where possible, USAID's performance goals are consistent with
those endorsed by the United States as a member of the
Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development (DAC/OECD).
This choice reflects the
conclusion that these goals are feasible and worthy.
attainment would support the achievement of the associated Agency
performance goal, and hence the associated U.S. national
interests, as articulated in the Strategic Plan for International
Affairs (SPIA).
Finally, it reflects USAID's commitment to
work collaboratively with its development partners.
performance goals can not be achieved by USAID alone.
through collaborative relationships with host governments, other
donors, and a broad array of U.S. and local non governmental
USAID's Office of Inspector General will submit a separate
performance plan independent of this document.
USAID's Strategic Plan directly supports the U.S. Strategic
Plan for International Affairs (SPIA).
Segments of the SPIA were
prepared with input from USAID.

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