FY 1999
strategic planning and reporting
The mission of the United States Agency for International
Development (USAID) is to contribute to U.S. national interests
by supporting the people of developing and transitional countries
in their efforts to achieve enduring economic and social progress
and to participate more fully in resolving the problems of their
countries and the world.
USAID pursues its mission through six strategic goals in
development and humanitarian assistance and one management goal.
The Agency's goals are identified in the Agency Strategic Plan
and are summarized graphically in Annex 1 of the Strategic
Agency goals are broad statements of the results that
USAID, in concert with its development partners, seeks to
accomplish over the next decade.
The Agency's approach to
accomplishing those goals is described more fully in the
Strategic Plan.
The relationship between the Agency's Strategic
Plan, this Annual Performance Plan, the Agency's Annual
Performance Report, and the activities and plans of specific
operating units is detailed below.
USAID's Strategic Plan selected a limited number of performance
goals for each of the seven Agency goal areas.
Performance Goals
translate the Agency's goals into specific targets and trends to
be achieved by the end of the decade.
Where possible, the
performance goals are explicit targets    planned levels of
results to be achieved by the end of the ten year timeframe.
Where this was not feasible, performance goals were couched in
terms of trends   desired directional changes sought.
The Annual Performance Plan (APP) identifies annual performance
The APP for FY 1999 presents the benchmarks to be
met by the end of 1999.
Meeting benchmarks, or the planned
levels of achievement for a given year, are considered important
steps towards ultimately achieving
the ten year performance
goals identified in the Strategic Plan.
The annual benchmarks
are either derived from trendlines, where possible, or are based
on expert technical judgements.
The APP discusses why and how
the different magnitudes of achievement (or impact) were
selected, and what the quantitative and qualitative indicators
associated with each benchmark are intending to measure.
It also
U.S. Agency for International Development, Strategic Plan,
Washington, DC: September 1997.

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