A person who suffers from lower back ailments should not perform this test. 
Materials: Gym mat, timer, or stopwatch 
1. This test measures the dynamic strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles. 
2. The participant lies in a supine position, knees bent at a right angle, and feet shoulder width 
apart.  The hands are placed at the side of the head with the fingers over the ears.  The 
elbows are pointed toward the knees.  The hands and elbows must be maintained in these 
positions for the entire duration of the test.  Also, the ankles of the participant must be held 
throughout the test by the appraiser to ensure that the heels are in constant contact with the 
3. It is imperative that the participant is well instructed in the correct performance of the sit up.  
The participant should be informed to initiate the sit up by flattening the lower back followed 
by actively contracting the abdominal muscles and then continuing the movement with a well 
controlled "curling up" of the trunk to the point where the elbows touch the knees.  This is 
followed by a "curling down" of the trunk with particular emphasis on the lower back fully 
contacting the mat before the upper back and shoulders touch the mat. 
4. A "rocking" or "bouncing" movement is not permitted.  Also, the participant s buttocks must 
remain in contact with the mat and the fingers in contact with the side of the head at all times.  
Have the participant practice one or two repetitions to check for proper technique. 
5. Advise the participant that incorrect repetitions, those not meeting the above criteria, will not 
be counted.  The participant should also be advised to avoid breath holding by breathing 
rhythmically and to "exhale on effort"; i.e., exhale during "curling up" phase of the sit up. 
6. The participant is required to sit up, touch the knees with the elbows and return to the starting 
position (shoulders touch floor).  THE PARTICIPANT PERFORMS AS MANY SIT UPS AS 
POSSIBLE WITHIN ONE MINUTE.  The participant may pause to rest whenever necessary. 
7. When the participant is fully informed of the preceding details and is ready to start the sit ups 
test, give the command, "Begin" and start the timer.   
8. Compare results with the charts on the following pages. 

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