Materials: Sit and Reach Box (see diagram below). 
1. This test measures the flexibility of the muscles in the lower back and hamstrings.   
2. Instruct participant to remove shoes. 
3. Instructor demonstrates the procedure: (1) Legs are fully extended and the soles of the feet 
are placed flat against the Sit and Reach Box; (2) hands placed one on top of the other; (3) 
the arms are extended as far forward as possible in a smooth motion and held for a count of 
three (do not lurch forward   move slowly); (4) the point at the tip of the fingers is the indicator 
of flexibility.  
4. Guard against the participant s knees bending by keeping a hand on the knees to detect 
5. Caution the participant against bouncing or jerking forward. 
6. Three trials are given.  Use best score for the indicator.  See charts on the following pages for 
  2000.  The Cooper Institute.  Do not reproduce without written permission from The Cooper Institute 
Box Specifications: 
12 inches high with the yardstick taped to the top so that it extends 15 inches in front; 
Use a step and add 15 inches to result.  If unable to reach step, measure distance toward it and 
subtract 15 inches (e.g., if trainee misses step by 2 inches, result is 13 inches).

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