Once a trainee has successfully completed core training, continued improvement and 
maintenance of the ability to perform the physical tasks of the job are to be encouraged.  To that 
end, instructors may wish to help trainees develop an individual plan prior to the end of the core 
course. Three major components are as follows: 
Individual Assessment 
Individual Plan 
Activity Tracking 
Individual Assessment 
Towards the completion of the course, trainees may re assess their skills and may use their initial 
assessment as a check on their progress.  The four self assessment tests used in the course are 
a suitable way to gauge this progress.  As a review, these are as follows: 
Cardiovascular: timed 1.5 mile run or 1 mile walk 
Flexibility: exercises (such as sit and reach) for hamstring and back 
Dynamic Strength:  baseline number of push ups 
Dynamic Strength:  baseline number of sit ups 
Individual Plan 
Using the information from the Individual Assessment above, trainees may develop a Personal 
Fitness Plan.  Forms for this use are contained in Appendix A.  The plan should address the 
following activities: 
Warm up/flexibility 
Cardiovascular activity 
Muscular fitness activity 
Cool down/flexibility 
Activity Tracking 
Once a plan has been developed, trainees may track their activities using a written check off 
record or diary.  A form for this use is contained in Appendix A.  Studies indicate that maintaining 
an activity diary assists people in continuing their exercise program. 

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