Arms   Standing Press with Dumbbells 
Seated Press with Dumbbells 
With palms facing ears, press to straight arm 
position rotating palms to face forward at top of 
Sitting with palms facing ears, press to straight 
movement and return to starting position using a  arm position, rotating palms to face forward at 
slow deliberate motion. 
top of movement returning to starting position. 
Legs   Squat 
Legs   Lunge with Dumbbells 
Standing on board with back straight and head 
With legs shoulder width apart, head up, and 
looking upward, bend knees until thighs are 
back straight, step forward, bending the leg until 
parallel to floor and push upright to starting 
thigh is parallel to floor.  Return to starting 
position alternating legs. 
Abdominals   Crunch 
Abdominals   Bent Knee Sit Up 
Keeping head and neck in line with spine, 
elevate shoulders and upper back toward 
Bending at waist, curl upper body toward knees 
knees, keeping low and middle back in touch 
crossing arms across chest. 
with floor at all times. 
  2000.  Visual Health Illustrations, Inc.  Do not reproduce without written permission from Visual Health Illustrations, Inc. 

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