Arms   Standing Alternating Curl with Dumbbells  Arms   Standing One Arm Extension with 
Using one arm to brace, rotate lower arm 
Keeping arms close to sides, curl one arm to 
upward to straight arm position.  Complete all 
shoulder and back to straight arm position.  
repetitions with one arm then repeat with other 
Alternate arms in a slow rhythmic manner. 
arm using a slow rhythmic pace. 
Arms   Standing Curl with Barbell 
Chest   Standard Push Up 
From starting position, place hands outside 
Keeping upper arms against sides, and with 
shoulder width and with body straight, slowly 
palms facing up, curl bar to under chin using a 
lower body until chest touches floor and return 
slow rhythmic pattern. 
to upright position. 
Modified Push Up 
Chest   Bench Press with Dumbbells 
From starting position with knees bent, hands 
From starting position with dumbbells at chest 
placed outside shoulder width and body straight,  level, press to straight arm position and return to 
lower body until chest touches floor and return 
starting position in a slow rhythmic pattern to 
to starting position. 
  2000. Visual Health Illustrations, Inc.  Do not reproduce without written permission from Visual Health Illustrations, Inc. 

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