Strength Training Exercises 
The following exercises are recommended to improve both upper and lower body strength. These 
exercises are designed for facilities that lack extensive strength training equipment and can be 
completed with a minimum of free weights. These exercises are targeted for those individuals 
experiencing difficulty passing the benchmark standards.  The trainee should begin with light to 
moderate weight where 10 15 repetitions can be completed without undue strain.  Two sets of 
each exercise should be completed. Additional exercises for strengthening specific muscle 
groups are located in Appendix E. 
1. Arms: Standing Alternating Curl with dumbbells 
2. Arms: Standing One Arm Extension with dumbbells 
3. Arms: Standing Curl with barbell 
4. Chest: Standard Push Up or Modified Push Up 
5. Chest: Bench Press with dumbbells 
6. Arms: Standing Press with dumbbells 
7. Arms: Seated Press with dumbbells 
8. Legs: Squat 
9. Legs: Lunge 
10. Abs: Crunch 
11. Abs: Bent Knee Sit Ups 

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