Groin   Thigh Adductors 
Hip Oblique 
Clasp hands around knee and gently press 
From beginning position, slide foot further to 
knee toward opposite shoulder holding stretch 
side until stretch is felt, holding stretch for up to  for up to 15 seconds alternating legs.  Feel 
15 seconds alternating legs. 
stretch in buttocks and outside of hip. 
Hamstring   Knee to Chest 
Hamstrings   Leg Raise 
With hand behind knee, pull leg forward until 
stretch is felt holding for up to 15 seconds 
Gently pull knee to chest until stretch is felt 
alternating legs.  For more stretch, move hands 
holding for up to 15 seconds alternating legs. 
up the leg toward ankle while moving head 
forward towards knee. 
Lower Back   Extensions/Gluteal 
Neck Circles 
Bring knee to chest and hold for up to 15 
seconds alternating knees.  For more stretch, 
From sitting position with back straight, slowly 
bring head to knee and hold stretch for up to 15  roll head in a full circle clockwise for up to 15 
seconds and repeat motion counter clockwise. 
  2000.  Visual Health Illustrations, Inc.  Do not reproduce without written permission from Visual Health Illustrations, Inc.

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