Arms   Triceps 
Arms   Biceps 
Pull elbow behind head until stretch is felt.  
With arms straight and fingers interlaced, raise 
Repeat with other elbow and hold stretch for up  arms until stretch is felt and hold stretch for up 
to 15 seconds. 
to 15 seconds. 
Side Benders 
Lower Leg   Gastroc 
From starting position, bend the body to the 
Keeping back straight with heel on floor and 
side as far as possible until stretch is felt 
turned slightly outward, lean into wall until 
holding stretch for up to 15 seconds alternating  stretch is felt, holding stretch for up to 15 
seconds alternating legs. 
Upper Leg   Quadriceps 
Pull heel toward buttocks until stretch is felt in 
From position shown, slide foot back and move 
front of leg, holding stretch for up to 15 
trunk forward until stretch is felt, holding for up 
seconds alternating legs. 
to 15 seconds, alternating legs. 
  2000.  Visual Health Illustrations, Inc.  Do not reproduce without written permission from Visual Health Illustrations, Inc. 

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