Note:  Providers are responsible for a safe and effective delivery of physical tasks training based 
on the recommendations of qualified staff whom they select.  The following is a suggested 
program developed by exercise physiologist Tim Ryan.  Providers may vary the physical tasks 
training guidelines (but not the benchmark minimums) at their discretion consistent with the goals 
of the statewide core curriculum.   
Stretching Exercises 
The following stretching exercises should be included in each physical training session spending 
approximately one minute per exercise.  It is important not to over stretch during these stretching 
exercises preceding the aerobic and weight training sessions.  A more aggressive stretch and 
hold sequence can be accomplished following the aerobic and weight training sessions when the 
muscles are warm and the likelihood of over stretching and injury is at a minimum.  Additional 
stretching exercises can be found in Appendix E targeted at specific muscle groups to improve 
1. Arms: Triceps 
2. Arms: Biceps 
3. Side Benders 
4. Lower Leg: Gastroc 
5. Upper Leg: Quadriceps 
6. Flexors 
7. Groin: Thigh Adductors 
8. Hip Oblique 
9. Hamstrings: Knee to Chest 
10. Hamstrings: Leg Raise 
11. Lower Back: Extensions/Gluteal 
12. Neck Circles 

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