Techniques and Practice 
UNIT 22, Module 22.2:  Instructional Time:  17 hours 
Note:  Instructional time not to exceed 2 hours in any one day.  Resistance training to be 
performed with at least forty eight hours in between sessions. 
Practice dragging a 165 lb. weight (dummy) by the following techniques: 
Perform initial practice on 150 lb or lesser weight if assessment shows difficulty performing 
this task 
Grasp dummy by  wrists  or under the arms of the dummy 
Maintain a straight back 
Bend knees and position majority of weight bearing on the quadriceps 
Tilt face upwards to assist with keeping back straight 
Avoid ballistic movements (short bursts of movement) 
Practice using smooth movements 
Drag (versus lift) dummy 
Practice walking 75 feet (three 25 foot laps) within 30 seconds wearing a 30 pound airpack or 
weighted backpack using the following techniques: 
Cinch weight closely against body to prevent weight swinging back and forth 
Practice with padded straps on backpack or equipment 
Maintain a smooth stride so weight does not jostle against body 
If using a weight inside a backpack, wrap weight in towels or other soft fabric to avoid sharp 
edges digging into trainee's back 
Practice running the 50 yard sprint using appropriate pacing. 
Practice the stair climb using appropriate pacing. 

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