Orientation and Assessment 
UNIT 22, Module 22.1:  Instructional Time:  4 hours 
22.1.1 Participate in an individual self assessment evaluation comprised of the following: 
Timed 1.5 mile run or 1 mile walk 
Flexibility exercises (such as sit and reach) for hamstring and back 
Baseline number of push ups  
Baseline number of sit ups 
No Test 
22.1.2 Demonstrate self monitoring techniques for use in an individual exercise program such 
as the following: 
Heart rate 
Perceived exertion 
No Test 
22.1.3 Identify major injuries that might disable a corrections officer, such as: 
Knee injuries 
Back injuries 
No Test 
22.1.4 Complete a 50 yard sprint within 20 seconds. 
BST #35 
22.1.5 Demonstrate ability to drag a 165 lb. weight (dummy) for a distance of 20 feet or more 
over a carpeted or flat, mowed grass surface within 30 seconds. 
BST #36 
22.1.6 Demonstrate ability to walk a total distance of 75 feet (three 25 foot laps) within 30 
seconds wearing a 30 pound airpack or weighted backpack. 
BST #37 
22.1.7 On a flat course starting 15 yards back from a flight of stairs or bleacher steps, walk or 
jog the 15 yards, climb up 10 steps, then turn, climb back down the steps, and walk 
briskly or jog back to the starting point within 30 seconds. 
BST #38 

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