2) stretching exercises to increase flexibility 
3) strength training to improve muscle strength 
4) aerobic training to improve cardiovascular performance 
After the initial assessment, instructors may be able to roughly divide the trainees into two groups 
according to their strengths and weaknesses.  One group may include strong trainees who could 
benefit from improvement in body composition and aerobic endurance; another group may 
include trainees who demonstrate cardiovascular fitness but could benefit from improvement in 
strength.  (There may be a third group of trainees who would benefit from improvement in both 
areas.)  If practical, it may be helpful to devote approximately two thirds of class time to 
improvement of weak areas while using the remaining third of the class time to maintenance of 
strong areas. 
The entire class can begin the light stretching and warm up portion of the training session 
together followed by a moderate cardiovascular work out.  The majority of stretching exercises 
should follow the cardiovascular and weight training sessions since the focused muscles are 
warm and the likelihood of over stretching and injury to a muscle is thereby reduced. 
For those trainees who will strive to improve their cardiovascular endurance, two thirds of the 
remaining session should include exercises such as running, jogging, walking, etc.  For those 
trainees who will focus on improving strength, two thirds of the training session should include 
strength training such as push ups, abdominal crunches and free weight resistance exercises. 
Please see the suggested exercises in Section V and in Appendix E. 

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