Equipment and Facility Setup 
Training facilities are likely to vary all the way from fully equipped gyms with a variety of aerobic 
and weight resistance modalities to only the bare essentials.  In either case, significant 
improvement can be realized in the areas of strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility with a 
properly designed program.  Utilizing basic exercises on a consistent routine basis, whether using 
sophisticated equipment or one's own body weight, will achieve improvement.  The exercises 
illustrated in this manual require only the use of dumbbells for the strength training and mats or 
grassy areas for the stretching exercises.  Walking and jogging can be done almost anywhere 
that a proper course has been designed and safety issues have been considered and addressed.  
Typical basic equipment includes: 
Hand held weights 
Large display clock 
Set of 10 step stairs 
Appropriate training shoes (trainee provided) 
A sampling of equipment vendors is listed in Appendix F. 
Safety Guidelines 
Providers are responsible for developing site specific safety guidelines for physical tasks training.  
Further, providers and/or instructors must adequately brief trainees on these guidelines.  While 
not an all inclusive list, areas of consideration should include the following: 
Advice to Trainees: 
inform training staff of any injuries and/or excessive discomfort or difficulty 
performing the activities; 
wear appropriate training shoes such as running, walking or cross training shoes; 
consume adequate water to ensure proper hydration. 
Logistical Considerations for Instructors: 
allow forty eight hours between strength training exercises to allow muscles to 
repair and recuperate; 
schedule physical task training in the morning if heat and/or impaired
air quality 
is a factor; 
provide adequate access to water; and, 
have in place a response plan for dealing with injuries and/or emergency medical 
Scheduling and Handling Groups 
There are four major components of the physical tasks training curriculum: 
1) initial assessment 

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