In the official observer role, the instructor: 
determines whether trainees can demonstrate the benchmark minimum performance 
standards for physically demanding job tasks; 
documents performance on the work simulation tests; and, 
monitors compliance with the provider's safety guidelines. 
Role of the Trainee 
Trainees are responsible for performing all practice sessions to improve their ability to perform 
job related physical tasks to the best of their ability.  They must practice within the provider's 
safety guidelines to ensure and safeguard their own medical wellness. 
Trainees also may be asked to take responsibility for helping each other during the sessions, 
especially when they are rotating through sessions in small groups.  This includes:  being 
cooperative; timing each other on the exercises with time limits; giving each other feedback on 
how they are doing; and, being equitable in sharing equipment and facilities. 
Role of the Employer 
Prior to enrolling the trainee in the course, employers should conduct a medical screening by an 
examining physician who is familiar with the types of activities the trainee will be engaged in 
during the course. 
The employing agency should make sure each trainee who participates in the core course has 
been given a proper orientation to the physical tasks training several weeks prior to course 
attendance.  This includes advising the employee that exercise clothing and shoes will be 
required during the course as well as explaining the employer's expectations with regard to 
participation.  Employers may find it helpful to provide each employee sections of the physical 
tasks training manual that pertain to the specific activities the trainee will be performing during the 
Employers should make every effort to familiarize themselves with the provider's approach to 
physical tasks training.  This might include an on site visit to the course to observe the training.  
As with any aspect of the core course, employers should maintain regular and clear 
communication with the provider as to expectations and trainee performance while the course is 
in progress. 

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