Role of the Provider 
In addition to the usual requirements of being a training provider that delivers an STC certified 
course, delivery of the physical tasks training demands specific areas of attention.  For instance, 
the provider must arrange for appropriate facilities and equipment to support the physical tasks 
training.  This includes adequate space, proper running and exercise surface, mats, water, 
stopwatches, display clocks, first aid and CPR equipment, cell phones or portable communication 
equipment (in case of injury off site) and many other details necessary for a safe and effective 
training environment.  Providers should not leave these details to the instructor as the provider 
may need to purchase additional equipment, arrange for their daily availability and proper 
maintenance.  Further, the provider must develop appropriate safety guidelines for the physical 
tasks training and adequately brief staff and trainees on these guidelines. 
Besides logistical support for training delivery, providers must assess the instructor to trainee 
ratio to make sure the trainees are receiving adequate supervision during the training and to allow 
enough time for the instructor to administer the work simulation tests.  If necessary, providers 
should consult with STC to determine how best to incorporate appropriate staffing levels into the 
approved course budget. 
Providers also need to work closely with their physical tasks training instructors to make sure the 
instructors are clear on the expectations and conditions of the training.  Providers should insist 
that each physical tasks training instructor read this entire manual before developing their lesson 
plan and before instructing trainees.   
The provider should take great care in selecting the physical tasks training instructor since there 
are many nuances to a successful delivery of this section of the core course and there is a risk of 
physical injury to the trainees.  It is advisable to select instructors who have completed formal 
training in the area of physical skills performance.  A listing of possible instructor training 
organizations is included in Appendix F. 
The provider should also work closely with the instructors to ensure a positive learning 
environment for physical tasks training.  The informal nature of physical tasks training may create 
a more relaxed atmosphere than a classroom setting.  Providers should work with their instructors 
to make sure that professionalism is continued throughout all aspects of the course including the 
physical tasks training portion.  (Please see the Handbook on Presenting Core Courses, Issues in 
Course Delivery, Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Comments by Instructors.) 
The provider must also maintain a close communication link with the trainee's employing agency 
with regard to physical tasks training.  This includes making sure proper medical screening has 
been conducted prior to training, expectations by the agency are clear to both the provider and 
the trainee, and regular feedback is provided to the employer with regard to the trainee's 
Within 30 days of course completion, the provider is responsible for submitting the results of the 
work simulation tests (as well as other course tests) to the employer.  Tests results should be 
reported on the standardized STC test result report form for physical tasks (included in Appendix 
A).  Each work simulation test is listed as a Behavior Skills Test and must be given a pass or fail 
grade.  If the test was not administered, this must also be reported.  In the case of a trainee who 
is unable to pass the work simulation tests, it is important that the provider report the results of 
the testing and not interpret or predict how the employer will handle the situation.  Instructors 
should also be advised to refrain from interpretation as well.   
Core course completion certificates may not be issued to any trainee who has not successfully 
completed the course and passed all the tests in the course. 

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