In circumstances where the statewide performance requirements are the same as the local 
performance requirements and an individual trainee is unable to meet all the benchmark 
minimums, agencies should evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.  A trainee should not 
be automatically disqualified from placement in the adult corrections officer position for failure to 
meet benchmark minimums.  The determination of how to handle the situation is made by the 
employing agency.  The evaluation might include such considerations as the following: 
Is additional practice likely to bring the employee's performance up to the benchmark 
minimum(s)?  If so, and if additional practice time is administratively feasible, the 
employer may consider providing that opportunity. 
Is the employing agency obligated under applicable statutes and/or regulations to make 
reasonable accommodation for an adult corrections officer who may be unable to meet 
minimum performance standards on the particular task(s) associated with the 
benchmarks in question?  The employer needs to consider the issue of accommodation 
on a case by case basis. 
Testing Approach 
There are four work simulation tests in the Physical Tasks Training Unit.  These are as follows: 
  Behavior Skill Test #35:  Complete a 50 yard sprint within 20 seconds. 
Behavior Skill Test #36:  Demonstrate ability to drag a 165 lb. weight (dummy) for 
a distance of 20 feet or more over a carpeted or flat, mowed grass surface within 
30 seconds. 
Behavior Skill Test #37:  Demonstrate ability to walk a total distance of 75 feet 
(three 25 foot laps) within 30 seconds wearing a 30 pound airpack or weighted 
Behavior Skill Test #38:  On a flat course starting 15 yards back from a flight of 
stairs or bleacher steps, walk or jog the 15 yards, climb up 10 steps, then turn, 
climb back down the steps, and walk briskly or jog back to the starting point 
within 30 seconds. 
  These tests are to be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. 
The testing portion of the curriculum in the core course provides, through the benchmark 
minimums, a post hire standard that agencies may require their trainees to meet as a condition to 
placement in the permanent corrections officer position. 
Medical Screening
A medical clearance should be required as a prerequisite to participation in the Physical Tasks 
Training Unit. 
If the trainee has undergone a medical examination and the examining physician identified 
contraindicators to the trainee's participation in some portion of the training, find out what 
expectations the hiring agency has in terms of accommodation being made for the trainee.   
Note:  Sample Medical Screening Guidelines that describe the Physically Demanding Tasks of 
the adult corrections officer are available from the Board of Corrections. 

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