Purpose  and Scope of This Manual 
The primary purpose of this 
Physical Tasks Training Manual
 is to present the core curriculum 
and design specifications for the portions of the Adult Corrections Officer Core Course that 
pertain to the performance of physically demanding tasks.  This information is essential for 
training providers and instructors for the presentation of the Physical Tasks Unit (#22).  It is also 
of significant benefit to local corrections departments in the selection and training of new adult 
corrections officers.  Furthermore, candidates for the position may find the information in this 
manual of benefit as they prepare to apply for the corrections officer job. The manual is to be 
used in conjunction with the Adult Corrections Officer Core Training Course Manual, revised 
Note:  This manual can be downloaded from the Board of Corrections web site:
Goals of the Physical Tasks Training Curriculum 
Unit #22 of the Adult Corrections Officer Core Course serves two major goals: Specifically it, 
1) provides trainees instruction on physically demanding job tasks, an opportunity to 
practice techniques, and ways to improve their abilities to perform these tasks; and, 
2) is a process to assess the trainee's current capability with regard to the performance 
of physically demanding job tasks. 
While not the primary goal of the curriculum, the training affords trainees an opportunity to 
develop a personal routine that they can pursue on their own (after placement in the corrections 
officer position) to maintain and improve their ability to perform job related physical tasks. 
Job Relatedness 
The curriculum addresses physical capabilities of major importance for performance of physically 
demanding adult corrections officer job tasks.  The curriculum provides comprehensive coverage 
of all the major job related physical capabilities for the majority of adult corrections officers 
Four of the practical exercises are close simulations of actual corrections officer job tasks and 
serve as the program's assessment goal (i.e., they serve as tests as well as exercises). 
Benchmark minimum performance levels have been established for these four tests.  These 
benchmark  minimums are required levels.  Most trainees will be able to exceed them, and should 
be encouraged to do so, just as they will be encouraged on the job to do more than simply meet 
minimum requirements. 
Based on the tasks for the adult corrections officer position, as determined by the statewide job 
analysis study of corrections officers, these tests are job related.  The benchmark minimums on 
these tests correspond to minimum, on the job task performance standards that have verified 
statewide applicability for adult corrections officer positions.  Therefore, these four designated 
tests and benchmark minimums are valid and meaningful tests of trainees' abilities to meet typical 
minimum physical requirements for the adult corrections officer job.  The tests determine whether 
one can perform these important job tasks at a minimally acceptable level.  Training providers 
who wish to issue a Core Course Completion certificate may only issue the certificate to those 
trainees who meet the statewide benchmarks on these four tests. 

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