Many local corrections practitioners contributed to the successful curriculum revision project of 1999 
2000.  The agencies they represent reflect the demographic diversity of California's local detention 
systems.  Additionally, training providers, instructors and other subject matter experts gave valuable 
input during the revision process. 
The Board of Corrections is extremely grateful to all those who volunteered their time and hard work 
in making this revision process successful.  Their support and assistance, along with their agencies' 
generous contribution of their time, enables California to maintain the most comprehensive and 
current training program for entry level adult corrections officers.  The Board of Corrections wishes to 
thank the following individuals who participated on the task force to develop the physical tasks 
Physical Tasks Training Curriculum Development 
Task Force Members 
Jerry Gutierrez 
Renee Lowe
Riverside Sheriff's Department 
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department 
Chris Ford 
John Copher 
San Joaquin Sheriff's Department 
Fresno Sheriff's Department 
Valerie Spinks 
Ed Clites
San Francisco Sheriff's Department 
Santa Rosa Training Center 
Kerry Bulls 
Jaime Mendoza 
Taft College (WESTEC) 
Santa Ana Police Department 

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